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Provocative Change

Expressive Boredom

There’s an essence within me that needs to know change
From the same boring programs. I do have control
Of the ones made available, but those are few.
Not programmed for shock value, I want something new
And completely outrageous to channel my soul
Into other dimensions that most would call strange.

When some people surprise me, excitement I feel
In the drama they offer with pieces of mind
Intermixed with good humor and pure wholesomeness.
If the world scorns good times, then I’m hard to impress.
I feel much more impatient than gentle and kind.
I can switch in a heartbeat. It’s not a big deal.

May the art of provoking what must come to be
Be the one that relieves all from having to deal
With a life become stagnant. I want to take charge
Of a thrilling existence. No dream is too large
For the sense of rebellious abandon I feel.
All that I’ve been consuming can’t satisfy me.