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Gravity’s Twin

Stage Magic

Gravity is the force that attracts a body
Toward the center of the earth or anything
Having mass. It’s a weak force, the scientist’s say
Yet a fall from a cliff is a cause for dismay.
Overcoming it can sometimes be challenging.
Those who have fallen would wholeheartedly agree.

One of the most powerful forces that exists
Surrounds and affects us. If approached consciously
And intentionally it can be used to change
Our future for the better. It’s not all that strange
That, like gravity, this force can turn out to be
Rather difficult on the person who resists.

It’s the Law of Attraction I’m talking about.
Gravity is the contrast we experience
As extreme seriousness and heightened alarm
And the fear that people are out to do one harm.
Often one doesn’t know that they’re not making sense
In their thinking. There are issues to be worked out.

Decide what you want and focus only on it.
How will it feel when you finally reach your goal?
You can feel that way right now to speed things along.
Once you feel what you’re wanting nothing can go wrong.
Of your point of attraction you must take control.
To your ultimate happiness you must commit.