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Who Is Asking?

Identity Of The Questioner

“I have not any peace of mind. Please pacify
It so that I’ll get on with life with some degree
Of fulfillment.” “Then place your mind in front of me
And I will pacify it professionally.”
“I have looked for it and cannot find it, you see.”
“There, it’s pacified, and you did not even try.”

Who was I in by past life? Who then is asking?
All I know is a sense of something other than
What I consider myself. Is this what is me?
Images and sensations I seem all to be.
It is I who’s been asking since my life began.
Who am I then if you do not mind answering?

A blank space is behind your eyes, most people think.
It’s a non-life, a blind spot one can’t ever see.
This is not true, however. What’s inside your head
Is all that is in front of you. So ask instead
How the two points converge into reality.
Do know that between them is a definite link.

The inside of your head is what you’re looking at.
Optical nerves transfer every bit of being
From the eyes to the brain. It’s one continuum.
One diameter is where all knowing comes from
And the two opposite ends allow for seeing
Life’s dualistic nature and be fine with that.

Who Is Asking?

Which Self Questions?

My mind hasn’t known peace since I can remember.
It needs pacification. Can someone provide?
If I brought it in front of you, would that suffice?
I’ve looked hard but can’t find it and cannot look twice.
Wow! Fatigue of the psyche is now pacified!
No longer is my asking a glowing ember.

…And who was I in my last reincarnation?
You ask, “Who asks the question?” which jerks with my head.
I don’t know who is asking. Just answer me, please.
If I am but the question, why then do you tease?
Privileges of wisdom are rightly widespread.
I as student am ripe for the lessons begun.

The blank space behind my eyes is not really there.
Consciousness is sensations, thoughts, and images.
All the world that is real is a piece of my mind.
Through its neurons of network, my world is defined
And will perish when I do through many stages
Relation is transaction and could be called prayer.

Mutual Arising is what always takes place
Of subjective and objective. Dichotomy
Is continuum polar, most illusory.
Both sides rising together implies harmony
Like petals of the flower and leaves of the tree.
In the asking, one has but one’s true self to face.