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Along The Journey

Peaceful Path

Don’t cling to yesterday. It was beautiful, but
It was yesterday. Keep your focus on today.
Forgive people in silence and never speak to
Them again. This is self-care. It benefits you
To be mindful of all that may get in the way
Of your peace. To it all you must keep your mind shut.

There comes a time in your life when you have to choose
To turn the page, write another book, or simply
Close the book altogether. When that time arrives
Remember that the passion within you survives
Momentary depression and anxiety.
Make an offer to yourself that you can’t refuse.

Never jump in with both feet when all you want to
Do is depth check the water. Don’t be pushed around
By the fears in your mind. Instead be led by the
Dreams in your heart. Whoever you want you can be.
Let the voice of the spirit within you resound.
Problems indicate progress in all that you do.

If you expect the world to be fair with you just
Because you’re fair, that’s like expecting the lion
Not to eat you because you did not eat it. Be
Cognizant of the nature of reality.
You have but your amazing mind to rely on.
In your own guidance system you can learn to trust.