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Worthy, Loved, And Blessed

Revealing Light

Sometimes heaven feels like a place of peacefulness
And sometimes it feels like sheer appreciation
That wells up inside. Often it’s like being in
Love with someone. It feels like you want to begin
A crusade in the service of world elation.
There’s so much pure enthusiasm to express.

As you hang around there in that positive range
Of emotions the more you’re able to maintain
Your vibrational frequency there and the more
Often you’ll reach that level. As ever before
Simply by knowing of your wellbeing you gain
And effective advantage for ultimate change.

That ‘on top of the world’ feeling comes easily
Then it goes but just feeling a deep sense of peace
Puts you in the vicinity of ecstasy.
You were meant to pursue your life passionately.
When you do you’re queued up for the steady release
Of resistance and all negative energy.

Know that you’re Worthy, Loved, And Blessed. You can sustain
That feeling in your heart from moment to moment
Then you’ll spike into moments of heavenly bliss
Fairly often. It doesn’t get better than this.
At your lowest point you’re simply feeling content.
The best part of it’s that nothing is done in vain.