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You’re Always Manifesting

Gift Of Magic

You attract who you are so the question is who
Are you from moment to moment. Are you someone
Who’s attracting what you want? Are you satisfied
With the laws of the universe as they’re applied
To how you’re manifesting? If you’re having fun
On your journey then congratulations to you.

Everything in the universe is made up of
Energy. When you think about life in this way
You begin to understand how things manifest
And how things don’t go quite your way when you’re depressed.
When you’re not then you’re true self is on full display
And everything you do is a labor of love.

You’re Always Manifesting. The only time when
You’re not is when you’re sleeping but when you’re awake
You’re conscious and aware of your environment.
Finding things to appreciate is time well spent
In the morning. Do it for your wellbeing’s sake.
Find good thoughts to think over and over again.

Watch what you say, think, and do. Avoid negative
Conversations and mindsets. Your mind is so much
More powerful than you could ever imagine.
Compare it with no other’s then soon you’ll begin
To be much less acquainted with self-doubt and such.
You get back from the universe just what you give.