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Don’t Wait, Catch It!

Arms Open Wide

If you care really strongly about something, then
You focus on its opposite it feels awful.
Don’t wait until it begins to feel anything.
Catch the negative feeling as it’s happening.
When you’re mindful of how you feel then you can pull
Yourself out of the psychic ditch time and again.

It can get a bit tricky. Your satisfaction
Or the opposite already has momentum
So if you really want this thing you have to be
Lined up with your receiving it. Your energy
Must be free of resistance. What you want will come
When from not having it you find some distraction.

That nuanced control you don’t have when momentum
Is too strong. You can’t guide how you feel easily
About what you want not having manifested.
About how you feel be completely invested.
Take your mind off of it and let it come to be.
Don’t be beating any kind of negative drum.

Tune yourself every morning by meditating
For a few minutes. Find that place where everything
Feels just right. When you find yourself having a thought
Through the day that is off easily it is caught.
It gets better with practice. Indeed it can bring
About peace of mind which ought to make your heart sing.

Catch It!

Bad Mood

I’ll erupt into anger at the slightest thing,
And it gets me in trouble. When I lose control,
Things that are already hopeless only get worse.
I cannot keep on going with such an adverse
Disposition. Don’t touch me with a ten-foot pole
While onto the most negative feelings I cling.

Do I like feeling this way? It seems that I do.
It’s a much better feeling than utter despair.
No where near satisfaction am I with where I
Am in my life. I keep on asking myself why
Things are not getting better. Does anyone care
About the pain and suffering I’m going through?

The degree of my satisfaction has to do
With the power and momentum of my desire.
The degree of my dissatisfaction, therefore,
Is my moving away from or closing the door
To my wishes. Some relief is what I require
And perhaps a more open-hearted point of view.

I don’t have to wait until it really gets bad
To where I become someone I’m not meant to be.
I can catch it before things get way out of hand.
Of my thoughts and feelings I must take full command.
If I tune myself each morning, the best of me
Is available. Peace is what I will have had.

Catch It!

Volitile Grasp

The degree of the agony or ecstasy
That is felt has to do with my own momentum
Or the power of my true heart’s burning desire.
If I really want something, then not to acquire
It would really feel awful. I fear the outcome
If I have lost control of it but completely.

But because the momentum is strong just right now
I do not have that nuanced control that I need.
I have no way of guiding it. It then guides me.
There must be some procedure to help me break free.
May the forces angelic come and intercede.
I am open to all that my God may allow.

Yet, if I’m in the habit of daily tuning
With morning meditation and finding that place
Where everything feels right, then off thoughts I can catch
Way before they can take root and dare to outmatch
What is strong of the body kept in avid grace.
What I care about mostly is one simple thing.

And the more that I Catch It the less I will move
Into those kinds of thoughts. I will find true relief
From the confounding struggles that haunt through the day.
I so much want a life filled with laughter and play
Rather than one of fearfulness, heartbreak, and grief.
On this day I am destined to quickly improve.