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A Sober Answering

Status Hunger

Emotions are controllable for the most part
But it takes constant focusing on how I feel.
With each moment that passes the balance I seek
Keeps my consciousness busy. My soul may be weak
While at large as a game piece in what is surreal.
If I fear that I’m fearful do I have a heart?

With strong faith and endurance I carry the day
As I follow directions. Painstaking detail
Is a part of my makeup, yet I make mistakes.
Complicated technology gives me no breaks
So in anger I’ll take them. My life will prevail
Despite ‘notifications’ that get in my way.

Living used to be simple. It can’t be today.
There are too many people so robots are made
For expert babysitting and forming a shield
Between people and services. Out of left field
Comes another distraction, then focus has strayed
To some issue made urgent that won’t go away.

There’s a stark Sober Answering to nature’s call
To return to simplicity in how we live.
And to her it’s an insult – a slap in the face
From an arrogant species fluent in disgrace.
I can’t sync my frustration strongly combative
To my soul’s evolution without feeling small.