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Intricate Mental Work

Implementing The Psyche

The vast mind, while engaged with enormous detail,
Has its way with precision. Each intensive task
Is performed with great pleasure and relative ease.
The zone is of importance. The work is a breeze
With increased mental stamina in which to bask.
Excellent reputation cannot but prevail.

Seldom one will get restless in daily routine
If the mind is attuned just above the threshold
Of one’s common existence. Much work to be done
Rectifies any boredom, and it can be fun.
Well within the lobe frontal I mine precious gold.
When I’m doing so I have no cause to be mean.

Mentally stimulated by all that I see,
I run into some trouble every now and then.
That’s because I’m a Virgo… or maybe because
I bite off pieces too big to fit in my jaws.
Anyway I’ll regroup and start over again.
Nothing like mind intensive work does it for me.

Yet in humble commitment, all that I can do
To return what’s been given is my only goal.
Having given up needing like hell to be read,
I’ll keep on entertaining. Long after I’m dead
All that is left behind is a part of my soul.
The gift I have to offer is my point of view.