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Get Respect From Anyone

Friendly Greeting

How do you get people to voluntarily
Give you authority over them? Does it take
A technique such as brainwashing or something worse?
Why do some people feel that they have to coerce
Folks into doing things? Why is it hard to make
People carry out your orders respectfully?

People in high authority get there by way
Of election, appointment, or unnatural
Acts performed behind closed doors and in the darkness
Of the soul of humanity. To seek success
For one’s personal pleasure is the rationale
Of the many despite anything they may say.

If a friend calls and asks you to come to his aid
How do you respond to him? You’ll go out of your
Way to help him. But if it’s someone you despise
Would you bother? Your feelings would not authorize
You to do it. You would probably slam the door
In their face feeling that proper respect is paid.

Because you care about your friend you will do things
Far above and beyond what you’d do for others.
If your team cares about you this way then you’ll be
A most effective leader in society.
Mutual caring for one another occurs
When the team realizes what blessings it brings.