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Never Beg


Never Beg someone to be in your life. If you
Text, call, and visit and still you’re being ignored
Then it’s time that you moved on. It’s called self-respect.
From your higher self you don’t want to disconnect
Because by that self you’re most profoundly adored.
Walk away. It’s the honorable thing to do.

Love yourself for what you are instead of hating
Yourself for what you’re not. When you feel insecure
You can either let jealousy consume you or
Use it as motivation for you to do more
To better yourself so do your best to ensure
That you know the reality you’re creating.

Those who love you for who you are – not for what you
Can do for them are the best kinds of people in
Your life so honor them. Never cry for any
Relationship ending as there will always be
Another. You can play this game of life to win.
Don’t give up on the loving that you feel is true.

Never bargain with what you really want to do.
One with big dreams is more powerful than the one
With all the facts and figures. Those who can uplift
You in hard times are a most valuable gift.
Once you know who you are a new life has begun.
Find things to do in life that will satisfy you.

Never Too Late

Speak Your Heart

Life moves swiftly. If you don’t stop and look around
Every once in a while you may miss it. It’s not
About having time. It’s about making time. Your
Relationship with others is a metaphor
For your relationship with yourself. There’s a lot
Of time left for complete fulfillment to be found.

Never be so loyal that yourself you betray.
Be selfish with your time because many people
Don’t deserve it. The most harmful thing you can do
Is believe other people’s opinion of you.
Hang around people that you find most delightful.
In a positive mood always do try to stay.

There will always be someone who can’t see your worth.
Don’t let that someone be you. Never make someone
A priority who makes you but an option.
Growth happens when you do things that need to get done.
You can do that and still have a whole lot of fun.
There’s always an opportunity for rebirth.

It’s Never To Late to do the things you’ve always
Wanted to. You can have results or excuses
But not both. Follow you heart but carry your mind
Along with you. It pays to be gentle and kind
Only in a perfect world without abuses.
Nothing much about this world is worthy of praise.