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Past Trauma And Your Body

Troubled Solitude

Are you easily startled by sudden loud sounds?
Do you feel on edge constantly? These could be signs
That past trauma your body is holding onto.
Trauma deregulates everything about you.
You may have something medical science defines
In provocative terms that may be out of bounds.

Your deregulated nervous system throws you
Into a constant state of hyper vigilance
Or hyper arousal. Every situation
Is a possible threat. The perpetuation
Of unease enters into every circumstance.
That your safety is somehow threatened isn’t true.

Trauma not only changes the shape of your brain.
It interrupts the natural development
Of reflexes by sending you from fight or flight
To dissociative episodes and it’s quite
Difficult on the body. How can one prevent
This from happening? Does this mean we’re all insane?

You can heal your nervous system. Time it will take
And patience. Deep breathing and proper nutrition
Release tension and stimulate the vagus nerve.
The best care of your nervous system you deserve.
By rewriting your brain you can recondition
Its performance. Just think of how much is at stake.