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A Derivative Integrity


Factual and intuitive linked in embrace,
The derivative function will give us the speed
On an average – an instantaneous look.
With velocity constant, the function will cook.
If or when it collapses, there may be the need
To start over in some other relevant space.

What we know to be integral is of the whole.
We can generalize to find area there.
As the limit approaches some well deserved end
We may find in the numbers our very best friend.
Yet, of course, there are those who would simply not care
That some geek may be into it heart, mind and soul.

Integral and derivative objects are those
At the basis of calculus and of much more.
Intermixed in a matrix that nature provides,
They exist to enthrall us and serve as our guides.
They are sometimes a puzzle but never a chore.
It would be quite a trick to apply them to prose.