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Real Inner Peace

Morning Meditation

The mistake often made is the devaluing
Of the present moment while paying way too much
Attention to the next moment or to the past
Which is why a state of inner peace doesn’t last
If it’s ever reached. It doesn’t have to be such
A conundrum. Your willingness means everything.

This moment is the most valuable because
It’s the only one that exists. Some may believe
That the next moment is more significant than
The present and this single misperception can
Keep one stuck in a place where they cannot achieve
Inner peace according to spiritual laws.

The next moment will never come. Think about it.
When it comes it’s no longer the next. It Is Now.
The richness that is overlooked usually
Can be appreciated. The more you can see
The beauty in this moment the more you allow
Inner peace to consume you which is only fit.

When you honor the small things in life you improve
Your relationship with the present moment. Be
Ever present. It’s where all your power resides.
Acknowledge all the wonder this moment provides.
Inner peace can be had when you live happily.
May this moment always be your opening move.