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The Way You Think


You can change the way you feel by changing The Way
You Think. Simply by thinking thoughts that uplift you
You remain in a state of sublime contentment.
Happiness is achieved through your conscious intent
To stay focused on the things that you love to do.
Let the good things going for you brighten your day.

Remember that sometimes The Way You Think about
Someone isn’t exactly how they truly are.
Think about The Way You Think and find clarity
In your own logic then you’ll be finally free
Of false judgments. You don’t have to look very far
In this world to see examples of people’s doubt.

No matter how badly someone treats you never
Step down to their level. Be calm and walk away.
Don’t become weak by thinking that you’re all alone.
Rather stand firm and be proud that you’re on your own
In a world that sometimes causes utter dismay.
Let what happened leave your consciousness forever.

Not everyone is proud of you. They’re just surprised
At how you keep on going. Ultimate success
Is achieved through repeated failures and by not
Giving up. What you think about matters a lot.
No one can be a better judge of your progress
Than you once your true worthiness is realized.

Wisdom Of The Ants

Natural Balance

Go to the ant, you sluggard. Consider its way
And be wise. How long will you lie there on your ass
Doing nothing? When will you awaken from sleep?
Unlike the ant you’re lousy at earning your keep.

In this story there seems to be a wide crevasse
Between human and ant behavior one could say.

A little more slumber and the folding of hands
Will yield poverty, scarcity, and misery.
They come on like a bandit who’s heavily armed.
One who has not a commander cannot be harmed
By the self. It knows only what itself must be
And this is precisely how consciousness expands.

The ants must be industrious. They plan ahead.
They think winter does not last a long time so they
Store provisions constantly. They want to secure
More than they need so that they’re able to endure
A rough season. In a positive mood they stay.
They keep working with energy and without dread.

Ants won’t quit. They will always find some kind of way
To get to what they’re wanting. They change their approach.
If you block them they’ll find another way to go.
There’s not much about anything for them to know.
Their work ethic one can see is beyond reproach.
They adjust to any circumstance come what may.

Enjoy Deliberately Doing Nothing


My relief is at issue. To not have to be
In control and to not have to put everything
Together would be a welcomed experience.
My heart tells me that I can afford the expense
Of a break from reality. Peace it would bring
To my life and my inner being would agree.

Deliberately doing nothing is doing
Something and it’s the smartest thing that I could do
Because in doing nothing I come to allow
Inspiration to do things to enter my now.
When I decide to pay much more attention to
How I feel it’s my spirit that I’m renewing.

Forcing myself to do something isn’t the way
Of my spirit which knows only joy and freedom.
I instead am concerned with what feels best to me.
When I feel my best my life unfolds perfectly
And the happier I feel the more I become
Energized and prepared for a wonderful day.

It’s about feeling better about what I do
Normally. Life is meant to be interesting
And delicious. This is my new identity.
After such long hard struggle it’s nice to be free
To just be and to not have to do anything.
How I feel reaffirms what I know to be true.

Life Is What You Make It

Open Highway

There are a lot of things we miss that we pass by
That if we could just make a point to see them would
Add tremendous value to our lives. Your problem
Is your gift. Any disappointments you have stem
From the notion that life is hard. That’s a falsehood
Life will always be what you make it. That’s no lie.

All the situations that push us back or knock
The wind out of us are the same situations
That have all the potential to move us forward.
What you can do about life cannot be ignored.
You can do much with positive affirmations.
When the blessings occur it should come as no shock.

No one is positive all the time, but it’s not
Impossible to see the value in every
Situation – to take what the world throws at you
And with your creative prowess turn it into
Your advantage. You are positive energy.
Your journey to fulfillment can be a straight shot.

Life’s greatest accomplishments were not always on
Some grand pedestal always cherished and admired.
They were built on the back of doubt, difficulty,
And hardship. You can transform negativity
Into strong expectation of what is desired.
You have your guidance system to rely upon.