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First Flight


Boy, have I been waiting for this special day!
My mom’s been preparing me since my arriving.
Today is my first time to take to the sky.
All feathered youngsters must soon learn to fly.
It’s a fun thing to do and the key to surviving.
The reason I came here’s to splash and to play.

It’s like skydiving but without a chute.
If my wings don’t work yet I just plop in the water,
Flop around quite a bit and then waddle away.
I sure act like a duck, and I quack when I pray.
I’m fanatic for fun yet I’m not a sea otter.
We have this in common: we’re all really cute.

I am not on my own; my mom’s watching above.
She keeps calling, and calling, then calling some more.
I will reach her in time, and for sure, I’ll keep trying.
Life’s a current of ease; there can be no denying.
These tiny wings may get a little bit sore.
My life, as it is, is a labor of love.