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The Psychology Of Money


Behavior Over Knowledge… Financial success
Is more about how you behave with money than
What you know and your emotional discipline
Regarding money is truly where to begin
Reprogramming you mindset. First know that you can
Feel your way toward your financial happiness.

Some folks seem to effortlessly accumulate
Wealth while others struggle. Notice how folks behave
Who have much of it. They don’t apologize for
All the good that comes to them. Indeed they get more
The more they remain on the continuous wave
Of contentment. They know how to appreciate.

True wealth is about having the freedom to do
What you want when you want to. Your ultimate goal
Should be financial independence rather than
The accumulating of possessions. You can
Feel that freedom right now just by playing the role
Of a person of wealth. This must satisfy you.

Be most thankful for what you have and understand
All your financial boundaries. Take your advice
From those who have achieved wealth – not from someone who
Struggles constantly. This is of no help to you.
Feel yourself always to be worth the highest price.
Be respectful of all the wealth you have on hand.