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Decide What Comes To You


You’re a magnet to all things that happen to you.
This statement will be challenged by those who believe
That things just simply happen without any rhyme
Or reason. All the victims of violent crime
Naturally find it difficult to receive
This kind of information. They feel it’s not true.

Respect for that perspective is given to all
Who believe otherwise. Karma plays a big role
In what happens to folks individually
And within larger groups. Throughout eternity
We experience things to enlighten the soul.
Nothing that one goes through can be considered small.

A rampage of selective sifting helps you to
Set the tone for attracting the circumstances
Your prefer. Look for any good thing you can find
About all that you focus on. Get more aligned
With the positive aspects of things. Your chances
Of achieving wellbeing will increase for you.

Don’t get into the ‘fixing things’ mode. When you do
You attract misbehavior, mistakes, and all kinds
Of things going wrong. This isn’t quite the rampage
You want started. With wholeness you want to engage.
Stay focused on what you want and watch for the signs
Of more than what you expected coming to you.

Decide What You Want To Attract Today

Pensively Considering

While it feels as if things are happening to you
It’s not so. By you it’s all being invited.
“Why would I invite rude people and why would I
Invite suffering?”
Your focus on it is why

It continues. Your hope may be unrequited
If your being aware of it is all you do.

You’re the inviter of everything that happens
In your life. As you give your attention to things
They become more. Is this a blessing or a curse?
You decide that along with the whole universe.
You invite what you want as your happy heart sings.
You can look at your life through a positive lens.

A rampage of selective sifting you can do.
Find ten favorite things about everything that
Is a part of your life now. Start orienting
Yourself to looking for all that’s complementing
To your fancy and after you get that down pat
Then only things that you prefer will come to you.

Everything in your experience begins to
Reflect the center from which you are attracting.
When you’re feeling low nothing can turn out your way.
When you’re happy you live life as if it’s child’s play.
Be aware of the vibration you’re transacting
So that you know exactly what’s coming to you.

You Get To Decide

What You Create Is Truly Your Own

While it does feel like things are happening to you,
That is not the case. All is being invited
Often unconsciously by you. Your attention
To things in general within you dimension
Generates a vibration. When you’re excited
About life then your dreams are likely to come true.

You are the sole inviter of all that occurs
In your life. A rampage of selective sifting
Where you find things about life to appreciate
Is the way for you to successfully create
A vibration that is wholesome and uplifting.
You attract only the things that your heart prefers.

You can orient yourself to looking for those
Things that are already positive. Write them down
And review and update them. It will magnetize
You vibration, and then you will capitalize
On life’s blessings and rarely be seen with a frown.
The symphony of your life you get to compose.

Set the tone. Focus only on that which you know
To be pleasing. A rampage of finding error
And of fixing what’s wrong brings about discontent
With what you’re attracting in the moment present.
Ultimately you must know that you’re the barer
Of your dreams or your constantly living in woe.