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You Can’t Stop Existing

Outer Vision

Everything is but one thing. You, me… everything
In existence is of but one intelligence…
One existence, one self-awareness, one being.
All the representations that you are seeing
Are illusions. You try hard to make them make sense
But you find it sometimes futile and frustrating.

Time is a side effect of your own consciousness
Shifting through billions of different parallel
Versions of this reality every moment.
Everything is here and now. You cannot prevent
It from being so. You have your story to tell
Of all that is, which is all that you can express.

You don’t have to learn to attract what you need. Be
The vibration that you prefer – in alignment
With your truth. Let go of the things that are blocking
What you want from becoming because it’s knocking
At your door. Make your happiness your assignment.
What’s to be manifested is done already.

You exist and You Can’t Stop Existing because
Existence is your fundamental quality.
You can never become nonexistent. You can
Change from one form to another but other than
That you can’t not exist. Throughout eternity
You exist according to spiritual laws.