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The Only Thing Of Lasting Value

Happy Heart

Love is the only thing that prevails. When you see
Your immense capability to love you will
Realize that your true worth is inherently
Within you. You have so much divine energy
Flowing through you that it can most easily spill
Onto others as you live your life happily.

You are loved beyond human measure for love in
And of itself cannot be measured but of course
People try to put it on a pedestal. They
Covet it, hide it, and do whatever they may
To believe that it’s some kind of mystical force
Or a game where only certain people can win.

You are love itself. The energy which is love
Pervades all of existence no matter whether
Or not you can feel it. When you feel it you are
Effervescent, joyful, buoyant, and not too far
From your dreams and wishes all coming together
Like a symphony composed by heaven above.

Not allowing yourself to feel love causes you
To swallow yourself up in psychological
And physical pain expressed as misery, lack,
And depression. Love remains the primary hack
For a life unfulfilled. Truly it’s natural
To feel love. It’s the only thing you want to do.

The Life That You Want

Happy Thoughts

If I think about it long enough and I keep
Myself focused there with a picture in my mind
Of my having it, then it has to manifest.
I create from a higher state and do my best
To stay there. I find the universe to be kind.
Things can happen for me even while I’m asleep.

The coincidences of my life I manage.
I can place my attention on what I would like
To create in my life, and with this attitude,
Only pure positive energy I exude.
Getting there is as easy as riding a bike
On the down slope. I could go on a joy rampage.

Higher levels of consciousness can be achieved
Just by sitting and dreaming. I could meditate,
Chant, or fast, or go on a spiritual quest
For enlightenment, but I need only divest
Enough focus upon what I want to create
And be thankful for what I’ve already received.

The reptilian mind meets the neocortex
Where awareness of others can yield empathy
For all those who are suffering. I feel the pain,
But I can’t let the world’s issues drive me insane.
I’m thankful I’ve been able to get myself free
Of the status quo and all its harmful effects.

About Life

Work Woe

Most people are living a kind of hypnosis
Wherein they pledge allegiance to the opinion
Of a vacant society instead of to
What they feel in their hearts they would much rather do.
It can feel like the outer world has dominion
Over their souls. It is a social sclerosis.

The plan and purpose of life is obedience
To one’s inner nature. We are here to express
Life as we instinctively feel it ought to be.
It’s not healthy to be trapped in low energy.
We’re supposed to be in a state of happiness
Fairly often. We are creatures of refulgence.

Everything vibrates and emits a vibration.
Ours consist of our thoughts, beliefs, feelings, and acts.
They form an energy pattern which is our vibe.
It remains difficult for someone to describe,
But you know when you feel it. It either attracts
Or repels you. It is a point of causation.

All these vibes come together and form what we know
As the Collective Consciousness. It sponsors war,
Mass shootings, pandemics, earth disasters and such.
It can yield good things also, yet we pay to much
Attention to past horrors, and we expect more
Of the same for the future. How then can we grow?