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That Self…

The Ultimate Frontier

The true self and its searching for makes for the mind
Wasted time better spent working out the details
Of the fake self’s insistence that it is for real.
Is the human condition a thing I can feel?
Does my alienation from all that prevails
Give my soul ample reason to shun the unkind?

To That self which one truly is… life undefined
Is the best starting off point for rational thought.
Schemes and crafted abstractions can separate more
Life from its full experience. There is no door
Between true self and all else, so when it is sought
Effortlessly its finding is righteously kind.

Freedom does have a dizziness. Angst and upset
Are the highlights of living where now billions roam.
Consciousness of one’s being and all this entails,
Not adhering to structure that often times fails,
Is the thing of importance. That self is my home
So I must be at one there, but I’m not there yet.

Life comes not with a manual, but there are ways
That I can accept guidance as it all takes place.
Ever searching for my place in all that exists
As the life force and presence throughout me insists,
Meaning touches my being but does not embrace
Anything of my true self immune to malaise.