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Whatever It Takes

Alone At The Shore

What lies far in the distance is where I have been.
The old habits that I have I need to release
And today is the first day of eternity.
I need to choose the path that is the best for me
And I find it a challenge to find inner peace.
Am I doomed to go through it all over again?

Far beyond where I am now is where I belong.
Something in the horizon is drawing nearer.
To prepare for its coming I surrender to
All that is most uplifting, exciting, and new.
What I need to do now becomes ever clearer.
It’s to punish myself for all that I’ve done wrong.

Carefully I can do this with inner guidance
And not fall into danger of self-undoing.
What of myself can I offer in sacrifice
For my not having been someone normal and nice?
There’s this fear that I have that I keep renewing
The old karma as if my soul’s in abidance.

Hard it is to look forward but that I must do.
The past can’t interfere with what’s happening now.
The insanity which is my humanity
Is a tool that I can use to help me to be
Only better if the time I have will allow.
There are many things that I can look forward to.

I Will Do It

The Perpetual Mile

Success is often not a loud event. It’s those
Silent walks to the gym or the lonely commutes
To and from work, the early mornings and late nights
You put in that will guarantee you will reach heights
Undreamed of. It is one of your major pursuits
To be someone who in your world everyone knows.

You’re creating yourself which is a masterpiece
Like a rock with rough edges. Every morning you
Fight the urge to stay in bed. You’re chipping away
At the roughness as you continue through your day
In alignment with your positive point of view.
Faithfully your confidence will greatly increase.

Over a period of time, you begin to
Form that masterpiece. Those who succeed are lucky
Because they’ve become driven to create what they
Know they can. In a world of ambition they stay.
The harder they work, the luckier they will be.
There’s no doubt that their most cherished dreams will come true.

You can get into the habit of giving more
Than you’re paid. You can set standards that others will
Be measured by. Do not go where the path may lead.
Go where there’s no path and leave a trail. You’ll succeed
At whatever you’re after. Don’t let up until
You’ve achieved what you have been working so hard for.

Stop Doubting Yourself

Moment Of Self-Doubt

If you want something out of life, if there’s some goal
That you want to reach, if you have some special dream,
Or if you want to overcome your bad habits,
It’s not easy. The most average person quits
Fairly quickly, which may relate to self-esteem
Where a lack of ambition frustrates the poor soul.

Most people go through life never discovering
What their talents are. The only thing that will make
One happy is to discover what one can do
And to feel incredible power pushing through
Whatever holds one back. One avoids the heartache
Of not trying. The fear is worth overcoming.

People are rewarded in public for what they
Practice for years in private. Become creative,
Resourceful, and relentless in bringing about
The change needed to get rid of nagging self-doubt.
You can live life better if you’re willing to give
More attention to how you feel throughout your day.

Power becomes available to you when you
Develop enough courage and passion to not
Be deterred by negative feedback from others.
Keep your focus on noticing all that occurs
In your favor. Give your cherished dream all you’ve got.
The universe is helping to make it come true.