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Shorten The Time It Takes To Receive

Pointing To Time

If we do create our own reality, then
The question is how do I collapse the time frame
From my thinking it to its manifestation?
By turning impatience to anticipation
I can do that, then life is a wonderful game –
One that I can play over again and again.

I’m frustrated sometimes because it takes too long
Yet the lag time helps me to fill in the details
Of the unfolding drama that I’m creating.
As I focus there I can translate the waiting
Into gratitude. This simple trick rarely fails.
I’ll never get it done so I can’t get it wrong.

How can I Shorten The Time It Takes To Receive
What I want? By improving my ability
To clearly recognize it I’ll shorten the time.
Contemplating what I want I’m in a sublime
State of sheer expectation. It must come to be.
In this process I must have the heart to believe.

What I’ve put into my Vortex of Creation
Would feel good to me right now but I must feel good
To begin with then I’ll have that experience.
Every moment can be filled with utter suspense
When I know that things work out the way that they should.
Being happy always shortens the duration.

Don’t Go After It – It Will Come

Bon Voyage

As I go through my days wonderful little things
Happen all the time. I’ll be walking in the woods
And I’ll have a thought, “Wouldn’t it be nice to see
Others like me who just want to live happily,”

And it happens. This must mean that I have the goods
On my point of attraction and all that it brings.

How thoughts turn into things is by conscious intent.
When a thought occurs to me where does it come from?
Does it come from my inner being or does it
Come from elsewhere? I know that I cannot permit
Any negative thinking to gain momentum.
I prefer not to live in abject self-torment.

That my path is unfolding right under my feet
I know so absolutely that I rendezvous
Only with people, places, and things that agree
Exactly with what I want. I’m happy to be
In alignment with that part of me which is true.
I march only to the co-creative drumbeat.

I don’t need to make things happen nor do I need
To assert myself through my determination
To grab hold of reality. I can believe
In my powerful ability to receive
Special insights and all kinds of information.
My path appears before me. I need but proceed.

You Need Not Wait So Long


Why does it take so long? Am I doing something
That I shouldn’t? What is it that I need to do
To get things to move faster? The longer I wait
The more anxious I get until I can’t see straight.
I can have my cake, but can I still eat it too?
The time lag for me is extremely frustrating.

The time lag is most helpful in closing the gap
So that more contrast causes you to fill in more
Of the details. You clarify your creation.
It exists, but it is totally vibration.
Let the universe bring you what you’re asking for.
Then go meditate, or perhaps, go take a nap.

You improve your ability to recognize
Your creation. It is all about perception.
You want to be under the influence of your
Higher purpose. The faith in your heart must be pure.
To get in the receiving mode, go have some fun.
This is what any wise one on earth would advise.

You reduce impatience by anticipation
Of what’s coming, by dreaming of where it’s going,
And by tasting the sweetness of the expansion.
You cannot get it wrong because it’s never done.
Be aware of what the universe is showing
That fits in with your magnificent creation.