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Dear Lord


Oh, Dear Lord, I have sorrow. My knowledge of you
I had taken for granted. I did not believe
In your infinite power to soothe people’s pain.
And your name far too often I’d taken in vain.
There is hate in my heart. I don’t want to deceive
The clear root of my problem. I’ve much work to do.

You had made my life easy, but I made it hard
Through my self-righteous arrogance to those you made
In your pure loving image. We all are the same.
It’s a shame I’d not seen that. And what is to blame
Is my untethered ego. My lonely crusade
Is no match to what you do for souls who are scarred.

Born into a good family blessed by your love,
I could be much more thankful. You gave unto me
A fresh start and a comfort that many don’t know.
Now I ask that your love make my heart overflow
With your wisdom and kindness. My eyes cannot see
That all hope in these troubled times comes from above.

Among teachers you’ve placed me. I see in their hearts
What it means to be human and how to live well
With strong faith in your providence. Peace I behold
In the midst of their struggle. From you they are told
That our lives are a blessing where goodness may dwell.
My belief in you, Lord, is where happiness starts.