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Wouldn’t It Be Nice If…?

Positive Consideration

Wouldn’t It Be Nice If I won the lottery?
With a huge sum of money the things I could do
To help others and myself would be off the charts.
What I really want to do is touch people’s hearts
With my sense of wellbeing. I’d have many new
Ways of expressing my love for humanity.

Wouldn’t It Be Nice If… is a game that I play
With myself and the universe quite frequently
About big things and small then I just let them go.
I know that the provident universe will show
Me the signs of my asking sometimes instantly.
Sometimes they come with a little bit of delay.

“If I only had it…” or “I wish that I had…”
Are sentences that inherently imply lack.
Modify what you’re saying. “Wouldn’t It Be Nice
If I had it?”
This way of speaking will suffice.

If you speak out of absence you won’t receive jack.
Wouldn’t It Be Nice If your faith were your comrade?

The reason that it’s so powerful is that it
Is soft and easy. Not out of desperation
Do you want to speak. Cling not to what you desire.
Happiness is the only thing you need acquire.
Keep on paying attention to your vibration.
Things that happen reflect the vibe that you transmit.



When you are not identified with anything
Then you will become virtuous absolutely.
Only then you are capable of compassion.
If in some way you’re biased then you will have none.
You can be most compassionate genuinely.
It exudes from the heart in a loving wellspring.

I can be sympathetic to a certain cause.
Can I call that compassion? It’s compassionless.
The root word here is passion. It means energy
In the form of behavior that’s not about me.
I am somewhat deficient in that, I confess,
As sometimes in attempting, I wait for applause.

All encompassing passion about everything
Precludes pity or sympathy for anyone.
Everyone is as oneself, and life is a breeze.
One becomes an example that everyone sees
As a person of virtue. It’s not a reason
To become self-appeasing. Just let the heart sing.