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This Is Not Faith

Expressing Determination

There’s a hill right outside my living room window.
I don’t want it to be there. I wish it were gone.
I cannot see a thing because it’s in the way.
I do not want to have to stare at it all day.
Is there some conclusion from where faith can be drawn?
Is there somewhere other than within I can go?

There is faith that moves mountains, I read in a book.
I don’t want to curse fig trees for not bearing fruit,
But I would like for that damned hill to disappear.
Compared to a huge mountain, it’s perfectly clear
That a small hill is easy – a rather minute
Thing to handle. This gives me a better outlook.

So it’s said that I can move that little old mound
With my faith alone. I’ll give it my very best.
There can be no other way to see if it’s true.
All I want is for it to stop blocking my view.
I’m anxious to put this fancy trick to the test.
If it works, what a wonderful thing I have found.

Is this faith? I think not. There is something missing
That is fundamental to spiritual law.
It’s a clear understanding that what you believe
Is the key to all that in your life you receive.
Within that, there are many conclusions to draw.
Through faith, you can do absolutely anything.

The Most Selfish Thing

Psychic Hygiene

“We’ll become lovers of ourselves in the last days.”
Are they here now? Are we witnessing our demise?
The most popular photograph is the selfie.
Is it easy to find human nature to be
Egocentric? The answer comes as no surprise.
Yes it is. Is this attitude worthy of praise?

It’s a thing done in innocence in most cases.
Giving of oneself is the general intent.
But the cumulative vibration is such that
We pay much less attention to those who are at
A bad point in their lives and who suffer torment.
Concern is only with what the heart embraces.

Our society forces success down our throats.
We will do what we can to be influential.
We all want to be followed. We all want to lead.
In the process many become fettered in greed.
Our comparisons with others is essential
To our happiness. The attention floats our boats.

At some point one will ask oneself, “Where is my soul?
Is it where it belongs? Do I have a kind heart?
Do I need to take credit for all that I do?
Do I want to see others achieve success too?
When it comes to my happiness, where does it start?”

Giving of oneself is the spiritual goal.