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Your Attention

Brain Bulb

The only reason why people have great success
Seemingly all the time is because they’re able
To see things others can’t see. It’s their attention
That sets them apart. It’s beyond comprehension
How the mind can become completely unstable
To the point where there’s no achieving happiness.

People want Your Attention. It’s the reason why
They do things to attract it. They want you to know
Fully what they’re expressing without distraction.
Your response to them can bring them satisfaction
If you’re kind and you have nothing but love to show.
Respect for their humanity you can’t deny.

Attention without intention – simply being
Is a practice. Essentially you know that you
Exist because you have some sense of attention
At this moment. When you sleep a full suspension
Of attention is certain but it’s to renew
Your consciousness. It’s designed to be stress freeing.

Consciousness is attention – the most evolved part
Of the mind. Memory isn’t as important
As your conscious awareness of the here and now.
When you’re in it a true connection you allow
To your true self expressly. Don’t think that you can’t
Use Your Attention to give your life a new start.