You Are Loved

You are loved beyond knowing. That’s why you are here
As elite special forces derived from the One.
You are pure loving light although mired in flesh.
The two co-create powerfully as they mesh.
And your work of becoming will never be done.
It’s a journey eternal, so why do you fear?

I am love. You will know that as you near your end.
But you need not wait that long. I am here always.
You may feel well my presence when you are in love
Or in appreciation for the sky above.
I’m the warmth and pure knowing who shines through the haze
Of untruth and confusion. I’m here as your friend.

You are always enveloped in my loving light
Even though you don’t feel it as much as you could.
Please remember to know this, and I’ll do my best
To remind you as you welcome me as your guest.
Your body is my temple. Is that understood?
When you know I am with you, our light will shine bright.

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