With Little Effort

Through the Eyes of Children

Feeling much generosity now is most strange
When compared with emotions that usually
Are replete with a heaviness dark and intense.
I won’t argue. In fact, I am glad to dispense
With the negative storm cloud that hangs over me.
This is such a fine moment. I welcome the change.

People stimulate interest in me to find
Meaning in all existence. The ethics I hold
May express understanding of all that I live.
What must be as their basis is how to forgive
First myself, then the whole world. They can’t be controlled
By sensations of hopelessness. I Can Be Kind!

Can I capture this nowness and hold it in place
And thus make it eternal? It is anyway.
I forget that there’s goodness to later recall
Everything that excites me – the big and the small.
With another I feel no compulsion to play
Yet, whatever occurs I’m prepared to embrace.

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