Where Does Now Begin ?


Can my now take on substance and gather some moss
As it rolls onward free of no will of its own?
As I speak the word ‘now,’ am I speaking what’s true?
Because as I speak nowness, each now become new.
Can I pinpoint this now moment that can be known
By my feeling it only? I am at no loss.

The tall peak of my now is the top of a wave
With some level of low grass delighting my base.
Right on top of the peak is the surfer I know
Who can balance upon now and ride with the flow
Of the now that seems ever to stay in one place.
Every moment one savors is easy to save.

My best now begins not as I warm up the scope
Of the mind with controls that can sharpen the view
Of the signal that lets me know I am still here.
That the signal is present, my vision is clear.
I can ride this great pulse of life all the way through.
Where my soul is well centered, there’s no need for hope.

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