What Is This?

The Unanswerable Question

What is being looked at right now by anyone
Here by their own volition and not randomly
(To whom I owe all gratitude… Don’t get me wrong),
Is produced purposely not to try to belong
But to faithfully express what’s inside of me.
Urgency is not futile as this work is done.

Coming mostly from spirit through mind and by hand,
Over cracks in parched parchment unfurled for review,
Percolation of syllables is energy
Strong enough for radiating effectively
What pure spirit intended for many or few.
What This Is Is Not Difficult To Understand.

Things expressed in the passive voice show reluctance
To speak with affirmation and ample value.
Confidence takes a beating. The unbeaten path
Is less cruel than most others. The danger of wrath
At the hands of you reading is possible too.
In that case, I’m accustomed to the circumstance.

It’s preferred that what this is is something worthwhile
That may keep the mind flexible and open to
Different ways of looking at everything known
To the rich human psyche. And what here is shown
Is a piece of the puzzle. No thought about who
Is providing this content is outright denial!

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