What Does Enlightenment Look Like?


Can someone show me what enlightenment looks like?
I have heard a lot of it, but I haven’t seen
Hide nor hair of it. Surely, I’ve looked everywhere.
I have searched the whole cosmos but can’t find it there.
Would it matter that much if my senses were keen,
Or would they tend to hinder this most humble hike?

What’s it like to drink water? How could I explain
That to someone who had not experienced such?
There’s not much I could say that would make ample sense.
Once I got barely started, boredom would commence.
I could go on forever and not convey much.
What becomes idle chatter could drive us insane.

We perceive, with our senses, the world in its awe.
We think this is reality, rightfully so.
But, it’s only perception. Existence is more
Than engaging the cosmos to earn a high score.
True enlightenment comes not from how much we know
But through our self-awareness within cosmic law.

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