We Are ALL On a Spiritual Path

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I may think that I’m physical flesh, blood and bone
And that feels and seems so on the surface of things.
It’s the ‘surface’ I’m focused on – not my whole being.
In this world, I’m accustomed to hearing and seeing.
What can oft’ be perceived is no more than what brings
Sympathetic vibration to senses we own.

We are all on some sort of a spiritual path
Whether theist, agnostic or of no belief.
We are spirit before anything came to be.
All the beingness present is for all to see
If we sound off to others, we could cause them grief.
If we keep it up smartly, we could earn their wrath.

I can always be spiritual because I am
Of the dust of the earth but that dust made its way
Into being from nothingness simple and true.
All the matter we see came from ‘out of the blue.’
In my peace of that nothingness is where I stay
In full character seeming like I give a damn.

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