Way Past Sudden Release

Early Morning Release

Bolt of lightning in flesh has its way with the dust
As the beast in my heart cries for Sudden Release.
It is not in my nature to quietly sit
Nor to mingle in pastures with others unfit,
Through their self-proclamation, to go for the peace
That will manifest only through unbridled trust.

There’s enormous relief in my breaking away
From the structures sclerotic I chose while asleep
In an everyday stroll, lucidly in a daze,
Working hard at soliciting comfort through praise
From the world or a subset. My dream walk is cheap
And it’s way past high time that my heart I obey.

Restlessness is an ally, but not for too long
As it snaps at the stagnant ass without restraint.
There is justice in freedom and room to expand.
Other humans won’t ride me if they understand
That I’m not of that color nor am I a saint.
If I’m kept in a stable, all will know it’s wrong.

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