Wanting Something Badly


If I want something badly – too badly to know
That the ‘badly’ will dominate over the want,
I may get what I want but with badly involved,
Or receive not a thing, then no thing is resolved.
In the spirit of joy I am willing to taunt
The prefect of good fortune and master of flow.

If I wish upon good stars or bad stars, who knows
How the cosmos is biased? Is that in my chart
Of the sky at the time I was born? How could I
Overcome what is destined? Should I even try?
Every good thought unravels the will of my heart.
I receive of the universe what it bestows.

So, to want something goodly would be quite the way
To at least be receptive to what I have drawn
From the bountiful infinite. I can do that
By not being so needy. The proper format
For a life of fortune is to rely upon
One’s own wealth of alignment beginning each day.

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