Transformative Energies

Deeper Meaning In Change

So intense is the need for connecting the dots
In the nape of eternity. I’ll do my best
To ensure that experiences that are mine
Are infused with much power that I may align
With Transformative Energies. Where life is blessed
Is within the decision to cease calling shots.

There’s an urge to feel helpless, but that is not wise,
For the energies mentioned cannot make their way
To the one who must feel them. Vibration must be
At a much higher level where one can agree
That free will in our feeling makes for a fine day.
When deciding is weightless it opens one’s eyes.

What’s beneath every surface is not worth the peek.
Such a view is not needed when feelings run deep.
I initiate change in one moment of peace.
My most negative patterns may find their release
From the everyday drama that makes the heart weep.
Understanding, then loving, is all that I seek.

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