Transcendental Resonance

Desire for Deepening of Relationship

To Belong is my longing. Need I not regret
That there can be separateness I can’t resolve?
To forget this is blindness. I would vulnerate
Myself into big trouble. That won’t be my fate
But my fear of aloneness I wish would dissolve
So at least I’d have free will instead of a threat.

Understanding emotions and how people feel,
What consumes and enthralls them and why they react
Frequently quite peculiarly and with surprise
Is the ultimate pastime. One may become wise
To the ways human nature defies the abstract
Where the art of prediction cannot become real.

Relationships intensify in times of need
So we need to examine the ones that are made
Through our conscious awareness and put them to test…
Just the ones most important. Forget all the rest.
They reflect the whole species that has somewhat strayed
From the natural order perhaps due to greed.

Intimacy with everyone is not the goal
But the present condition. We search but in vain
For most answers outside ourselves. Peace from within
Is the healthiest place for the soul to begin
A Transcendence in Resonance and without strain.
One may know in an instant there’s only one whole.

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