The True Source Of Power

Why do I keep comparing myself to others?
Do I get satisfaction from how they respond
To my utter magnificence? If I’m that way
Then I’m in for one hell of a ride through the day
And perhaps through eternity and far beyond
Without freedom of movement as nature prefers.

Why can’t I see the janitor just as the boss
Since we all are of consciousness down to the core?
Each of us has an ego. Unconscious we are
Of its intricate workings, and it will go far
To create false impressions, deceptions, and more.
When it functions correctly, we are at no loss.

Stepping outside the ego is not hard to do
After diligent practice and at a slow pace.
Power it sees as substance of earthly value
Which is found only outside the rich inner view.
That which is of pure essence within time and space
Is the true self observant and powerful too.

So, The True Source Of Power is from deep within,
Behind thought and the ego. That subtle, still peace
That is known only as you by you is the thing
That, when you’re made aware, it will make the heart sing.
With a functioning ego, there can be release
Of destructive behaviors that hold us in sin.

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