The System Reset Button

There’s no System Reset Button on the dashboard.
Not a single car needs one. It has not a soul.
It cannot on its own up and stage an attack.
It cannot get pissed off nor can it give one flack.
It knows nothing and therefore has no self-control.
That which is all around it is simply ignored.

It’s the person inside who most surely needs one.
People quite unlike vehicles tend to act out
On the highways when often they feel they’ve been wronged.
We build justification as rage is prolonged.
Yet we do have some time to turn ourselves about
And bounce off the encounter with malice toward none.

My own System Reset Button is how I feel
And my being aware of it more of the time.
My defensive awareness of all that’s around
Me in traffic as well as what gets me unwound
Is the switch I rely on. I could commit crime
If I didn’t. At least it’s a noble ideal.

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