The Socialite

Fine Tuning Social Networks

Can I find entertainment and offer the same
In a safe social setting with friends and the like?
With an eye on excitement I find what I need
And provide much to others. My spirit is freed
To commingle. Chords of harmony I do strike
With most elegant people of power and fame.

Infinite curiosity beacons my heart
To the wide world around me and all its affairs.
The magnificent nature of all that I see
Leaves me breathless and thankful. I’m willing to be
Of the fortunate few on the planet who cares
That the ongoing hatred may rip us apart.

We could use a coarse tuning in what we believe
As one human conglomerate group as a whole.
Ripe is now the occasion to search deep within
For our ultimate worth. Our original sin
Is the unfettered ego. It cripples the soul.
Nothing short of disaster can make us all grieve.

I’ll admit there’s not much that my lone heart can do
To address the hard issues that harm humankind.
I try not to be fearful but faithful to life.
Not at peace with the torment and resident strife,
I keep my mood above ground, and there I will find
And maintain a fresh outlook and friendliness too.

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