The Magic Realist

Definition Of Life

Elements of the magical in what is real
Is how life is prescribed to the realist in me.
What is real is the body. The spirit within
Is the magical essence wherein I begin
The unspeakable journey with eyes that will see
That my life is a blending that I’ll not conceal.

Information is gathered. Existence is made
A magnificent study. Consuming the soul,
Consciousness none can fathom in every detail.
All is made to elude us, and it cannot fail
At prolonging our reaching the ultimate goal
Of profound understanding. This is the crusade.

The critique is implicit. Society calls
For cross examination. The witness is mine
To interrogate faithfully as it withstands
My acute observation and righteous demands.
Realness sanctifies magic. This is by design
Of a much greater spirit who this life enthralls.

We are all prone to magic as real as our sight
May allow life experience freedom to know
Beyond darkest of shadows of lingering doubt
That the magic is in us as well as without.
Let your true heart’s desire set your realness aglow
In this magic reality through divine light.

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