The Journey Of Transformation

Truest Means of Escape

This body is a window frame with an ego,
And my soul is transparent to see through both ways.
Light that shines comes from somewhere and passes through me.
I may reflect it outward that others may see
That all brightness originates, throughout all days,
From the same source of goodness. That’s why I can glow.

 Window shades and some curtains the self must adorn.
Modulation of pure light the ego must use
To prevent blinding others or showing too much,
Or appearing non-human or cold to the touch…
Or for whatever alibi meant to excuse
Absoluteness of presence in being reborn.

How can I draw the curtain and open the shade
To the purest of essence one should radiate?
Some windows are spray painted. They obstruct the view
Both into and out from. Some may concoct a brew
Of dark light behind brick walls of sorrow and hate.
Must I cement my window shut if I’m afraid?

The Transformative Journey is taken by those
Who can see window dressing as necessary
To the ego’s survival by nature’s command.
As I deal with others, this I must understand.
The light focusing structure when gone completely
Is the ultimate bliss of eternal repose.

Now, this human experience I must explore
As if it were a mission impossible not.
Light exists for expression. We handle that well
When in each blessed moment in presence we dwell
Where the mind can be mindfully purged of its thought.
Finding self through reflection can only yield more.

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