The Four Candles

Colored Candles

Wise hope is the kind that endures long suffering.
It’s not a passive observer of agony.
It embraces the uncertainty of the times.
The nature of wise hope is the fluid that primes
The pump of perseverance quite effectively.
Hope gives one the power to endure anything.

Four candles were burning slowly. Their ambiance
Was so soft you could hear them speak. One of them said,
“I am peace but these days nobody wants to keep
Me lit.”
Then its flame went out and it went to sleep.

To two more of the candles this attitude spread.
One could say that they were victims of circumstance.

Faith said, “Now I’m no longer indispensable.
Hardly anyone keeps me lit.”
It’s flame slowly

Diminished then went out completely. Love declared,
“People push me aside. I believe they’re too scared
To accept my existence.”
Then more suddenly

Its flame vanished because it was too unstable.

The candle of hope then spoke. “Be thou not afraid
For while I still burn I can reignite you all.”

So hope did and the other three – love, faith, and peace
Were revived and with that was a steady increase
In the strength of their purpose. The heart’s protocol
Ensures that the most proper decisions are made.

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