The Director’s Room Floor

The Director’s Room Floor has film clippings galore
Of our mad times and troubles created by way
Of our dealing with conflict and living our plots.
It’s the Inner Director who calls all the shots
And who makes sure the actor takes part in the play.
We may make of some scenes an eternal encore.

What we see as we’re filming is all that we see –
All the turmoil and hatred we tend to make real
And all struggles that strengthen us and keep us true
To that which gives us promise for seeing things through.
We as actors are experts. We know how to feel
Our way into wellbeing and living ‘to be.’

What is left after edit is surely worthwhile.
There is much life that ends up in recycle bins.
But most segments are valuable, one must conclude.
We can’t curse The Director. That’s not only rude.
We’d be cursing our own selves then nobody wins.
The well-fashioned performance begins with a smile.

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