Tacit Bits of TID


Some things done on an average of three times a day
Keep us healthy and happy and fit for the world.
If we don’t do them regularly we grow ill
Then we end up relying on some sort of pill.
Though reactive precautions will leave the mind knurled
As we maintain ourselves well, our lives are of play.

Other things on the average will get people down –
Things like stressing and tripping one’s light right offline.
The good doctor will tell us to not do those things.
Too much trouble and ill health and sorrow it brings.
We ignore their advice often thinking we’re fine.
And when trouble besets us we’re caught with a frown.

 I like stretching my mind out three times in a day
Taking in only good thoughts like fragrant fresh air.
As I breathe them in slowly they reach every cell
Of my blessed bright self who deserves to be well.
Every exhale is to all the flora a prayer
Of communion among all in spirit of play.

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