Sympathy for The Butcher

Please allow him to introduce himself to you.
He’s a man who we hear from so once in a while.
He’s mild mannered most times and there seems nothing wrong.
Though he’s human he feels like he doesn’t belong.
As he nurtures that premise, his thoughts become vile.
When frustrated and helpless, what is there to do?

One could contact the Bureau of What’s Wrong With Me
If in fact they would have a solution for him
That would keep him connected to all human kind.
But that kind of solution is so hard to find.
He will tell us our futures and his are quite dim.
Could it be that no one gives him reason to be?

I will take life’s frustration and deep numbing rage
To a limit below where I start to see red.
I’m a butcher. We all are to some small degree.
When we realize how horrible butchers can be
We will cease disregarding. We’ll limit the spread
Of the butcher’s performance upon bloody stage.

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