Subjective Truth

Subconscious Desire for Nurturance

Seeing someone else’s point of view now and then
I can do but with difficulty, so it’s best
That I keep mine subjective as well as their own.
I will react to others in ways overblown.
Ways of looking at life sometimes shouldn’t be stressed.
If they are, I will falter again and again.

Sensitive and confounding, my feelings arise
From the depths of the psychic substrata within.
If I dare not to share them no change does it make
To the world’s points of view. It would be a mistake
To express what is true for me. It would be sin
To present my Subjective Truth to other’s eyes.

But under what circumstances can this be so?
Every human condition exists to be known
To the whole of existence. Now, if this is true
Then I can see my effort as something brand new.
Perseverance is futile if I am alone
Yet a part of all that is above and below.

I’m addicted to trueness as all people are
So immersed in uncertainty wanting to know
What it is we experience as we live on.
There is nothing but truth when this short time is gone.
What is known by true spirit is destined to flow
Into present awareness. Wisdom is not far.

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