Stop Noticing The Absence

I establish my lists and may check them with dread.
Rarely I feel like Santa as always I should.
How unbalanced my balance sheet is reflects how
Misaligned with my purpose I seem to be now.
How I find myself lacking is not understood.
I would rather look elsewhere than torture my head.

I must know there is absence. This makes common sense.
It would be very foolish to ignore the facts.
Thankfully, I don’t linger there for very long.
I’ll head toward the solution by way of a song.
When presented with absence, the wise one reacts
In ways most beneficial for mending that fence.

Right now is but a snapshot arrested in time.
It does not have an impact on moments to come
Unless I keep now active and feed it my gloom.
When receptive to insight there’s plenty of room
In the now for my outlook to beat like a drum.
From absence to abundance is not a steep climb.

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