Spinning In Place

Nervous Energy

Is it me who is spinning while it’s standing still?
Or are things not abnormal and I’m in control?
Stop the top and enlarge it that I may climb on
If I can’t throw and spin it from dusk until dawn.
If and when it stops turning I feel I’ve no goal
But to continue playing as if it’s free will.

I’ll define ‘it’ as everything I am tied to.
If I want to see balance I rely on speed
That can render it weightless. Is this a façade?
It appears to be motionless. This is not odd.
I must maintain momentum yet dare to be freed
From discerning its meaning in all that I do.

It cannot do much damage while Spinning In Place
Being it gets its power form other than me.
It cannot be a play thing since it’s not my own.
Any gratification I’ll gladly postpone
‘Til its spin and my purpose can rightly agree.
If it happens this lifetime I’ll then rest my case.

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