Solitary Connection

Love Yourself. It can be hard but it will always
Be worth it because you’re worth a huge amount to
This world that has created you. Maybe you feel
That you’re not worthy so much that you can’t conceal
Your uncertainty about how others see you
As a person yet you’re one who’s worthy of praise.

Self-Love isn’t always about taking baths and
Going to the spa. Sometimes it’s about setting
Yourself down and doing some evaluating
Of the life that you so far have been creating.
People do things that they may end up regretting
Because no one is perfect. You must understand.

Sometimes it’s about analyzing how you go
Wrong and taking proper accountability.
It’s about correcting what you have control of
And evolving to knowing that you’re made of love.
Have that hard conversation then get yourself free
Of the past pain. In this way your spirit will grow.

Love Yourself enough to correct what will allow
You to become a better version of who you
Truly are. You deserve that kind of love always.
Love Yourself so that your point of attraction stays
At its sharpest and it’s easy enough to do.
Love Yourself. There’s no better time to than right now.

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